How does it work?

By working with the In4Leads Sales Academy, we can build a new sales team. The big advantage is that we spend less time on training and education, but we get direct returns from the sales consultant. At the end of the process, we can welcome a very well-trained team with the right DNA.

For us, the In4Leads Sales Academy is a summary of several advantages: As an organization, we have no pain in recruiting new people and we hand over the training to professionals. This way we can save a lot on our hiring process.

Your benefits!

  • Recruitment of your future sales consultant
  • Working exclusively for your organization from day 1
  • Direct lead generation for your business
  • Sales training and intensive daily supervision from
    experienced sales consultants
  • No unforeseen costs
  • After completion a fully-fledged medior sales consultant
    will be part of your team

Make an appointment with one of our account managers today and let us inform you further.